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White Walls


Keys4Corporate is a diverse, international team of trainers, managers, researchers and consultants. Our success lies in a multidisciplinary, holistic approach and personalised, client-centred solutions with training-development and consulting focus. Accordingly, we provide our clients with international best practices through direct professional cooperation. These include the renowned multinational Krauthammer programs in management and sales training, as well as a complex toolkit for recruitment and the measurement of personal competencies, provided by Profiles International Hungary.



Our focus areas in the context of helping employees to improve in efficiency are the development of cognitive skills, from self-reflection to problem solving and decision-making. Those who work with us get more than a mere theory and "aha" experiences: during the process, they practice the acquired skills in their own area of expertise. 


We believe that emotional and professional awareness, creativity, and logic are the cornerstones of effective organizational processes and long-term success. We combine consulting experience with human capital development. In our view, the key to a successful project implementation is not only professional excellence but also new organisational behaviour.  

We support digitalisation and complex organisational transformations not only through overseeing the implementation of both technical and advising systems, but also through a unique approach. Apart from assessing the client’s needs, we also provide skills development programs. With the help of the in-built modules, change can sustainably be integrated into everyday life in practice.  


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