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Skills Development

Through personal competencies and group skills to organizational outcomes.

Business Consulting

The basis of our business consulting services is the change of attitude which is applied by our partners regardless of the industry.



By listening to our clients and understanding their needs, we can support their development in a way that suits them the most: we explore their professional and personal potential.

Open doors, find new ways: we provide keys and our partners can unveil and open the door of new opportunities!


Máté Farkas-Kis

mindset development 

Farkas-Kis Máté

„A team is successful when its members do what they love, dare to take on challenges, when they are competent problem solvers and have trust in their own abilities."

Roger Brouns

leadership mindset & communication

Roger Brouns

"Everyone has an inner voice that wants to be heard. By raising awareness, we will be able to control our behaviour and respond differently."

János Tóth

director of consultancy

Tóth János

"A problem can be approached in many ways and there can be many good solutions. When choosing the right path, I strive to create real value in addition to the solution."

Noémi Radványi


Radványi Noémi

"It is an extraordinary thing to get people to open up and direct their attention towards self-awareness with the help of artistic tools. Every story is exceptional."

Ariel Mitev

attitude development

Mitev Ariel

"In order to see the solution to a problem, it is often enough to look at it in a different light. Or to disrupt it with the prism of our thinking.”

Rita Tóth

resource management

Tóth Rita

"The way to understanding others and the world itself is to understand ourselves. Understanding ourselves is also the beginning of change."





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