In addition to our skills development trainings, with the help of our experience from several industries we also provide individual advice to our clients. We firmly believe that creative problem solving and individualized counseling are compatible with each other. This is especially necessary in situations where commonly used corporate solutions are no longer sufficient and only new and creative approaches can be the basis for effective corporate operations. We help our customers to integrate these proven, short-term solutions into the normal course of business, if required through organizational implementation as well.

Financial planning and forecasting

Without well-thought-out and set goals, we take significant risks in the management of a company. However, the development of the strategy alone is not enough, the steps of its implementation must be broken down into the operational level and the results of the business processes must be determined on this basis.



Together we explore the special business processes and at the same time create the best-fit reporting system, as the right management decisions can only be made with the right information. Optimal reporting is consistent with forecasting and planning, and with the help of established key performance indicators (KPIs), management will be able to quickly see the current situation of the company.


The main issue is to design and review the pricing of products and services. Based on the best practices of the production, service and energy sectors, we help our customers to select and implement the right solution.



Process management

The efficiency of process organization can be greatly improved based on cyclical problem management and decision-making processes, especially if these traits are integral parts of the organizational culture.


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Financial risk management

Operations, customers, market processes - the entire environment of any company can be described by these three dimensions, which are determined by the dynamically changing mass of diverse risks. Risks do not have to be avoided in all cases, so together we can find the right approach to identify, quantify and manage impacts.


Approaching business continuity, information, and cyber security issues usually generate more problems than solutions in the lives of companies. By properly presenting the impact of security risks, an organization’s awareness can be developed.






Innovation paths

Digital transformation

Design thinking


Data governance

One of the keys to success in corporate / entrepreneurial competition lies in the processing of data generated during our work. A business can be successful if it can see, reinterpret, analyze and visualize its systems and processes in context. This can provide a basis for decisions that make the business unique amongst other companies or give it a clear place in market competition.





Data analytics

We help our partners build a digital business database from which reports can be developed that truly support business decisions. Without real, complex analysis, the decision supporting reports used by corporate management are nothing more than bricks wrapped in expensive decorative paper.







In addition to the industry references and the topics highlighted below, we also provide general consulting and business development services to SMEs. Because businesses might be small in size, but they still can think big.


Industry references:

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  • Production, Technology

  • Bank, Financial Services, Insurance

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